Acorns and Oaks

For our volunteer day on Wednesday 27th, we spent the day at the nursery, planting some of the acorns which were collected from Caldons Wood the previous week. The last couple of years have been poor `mast’ years, but this year there appears to be a bumper crop. As we were in the woods collecting, several jays were in close attendance, waiting to take their share of the spoils, and through their habit of storing the acorns in the ground away from the existing mature trees, some of which will never be retrieved, helping to spread another generation of sessile oak seedlings. Large numbers of oak seedlings that germinate directly below existing mature trees would be destined to never become adult specimens, and these are also collected (with a licence from SNH) to be grown on and planted to extend and join together areas of existing woodland, therefore creating a `Forest Habitat network’. CVCWT are therefore self-sufficient when it comes to oaks.