Badger Monitoring

As a pleasant change from working in the woods, CVCWT volunteers attended a most enjoyable and educational talk given by Andy Riches, who carries out an enormous amount of work for Scottish Badgers in Dumfries and Galloway and is this area`s mammal recorder.

The volunteers learned all about badger biology and behaviour and how to recognise badger tracks and signs. Details of how to carry out surveys to find badger setts were also explained.

A national survey of badgers was carried out by volunteers for Scottish Badgers in 2008 which revealed that badger populations in Dumfries and Galloway are healthy. However relatively few setts have been recorded from the Cree Valley area. Andy is setting up a monitoring scheme in Dumfries and Galloway whereby known badger setts will be registered by local volunteers who will be asked to check these setts at regular intervals. This will provide information on the local badger population and crucially will act as community policing of setts which will detect any signs of badger crime. Criminal acts concerning badgers are worryingly on the increase in our area!

The talk was followed by a visit to a known sett to test out our newly learned knowledge.