Cree Valley Woodland Heritage Project

Following a five-month development period CVCWT has been successful in a second stage HLF grant application. Our new project started on 11th February 2013 and will run until June 2015.

What the project will do

Woodland heritage, `the legacy of the past expressed in a wooded landscape’ (Mills), will be explored and disseminated through the use of a multi-disciplinary approach consisting of woodland archaeology, ecology and history combined.

The project will demonstrate the link between the archaeology and historical usage of native woodlands, and show how this relates to the landscape and natural heritage which we now have. This will be achieved by developing a woodland heritage trail with conserved, enhanced and interpreted archaeological features.


  • 100 hectares of native woodland will be restored and enhanced and 36.5 hectares of native oak woodland will be created.
  • 260 hectares of woodland fringe will be established, in partnership with Forestry Commission Scotland, creating a buffer for woodland species.
  • The Forest Habitat Network will be expanded through creating links between existing woodlands. The project will include eight designated woodland sites.
  • Archaeological features will be surveyed and recorded.
  • A new, second polytunnel will ensure appropriate species will be available for planting.
  • Species surveys and records will be retained and uploaded to directories such as the National Biodiversity Network, to allow sharing of national data.
  • Local people will have opportunities to learn about the biodiversity and archaeology of the Cree Valley through a variety of sources, including in local community venues, online and through visiting the woodland sites.
  • A range of learning materials will enable more people to learn about the heritage of the area, in particular school groups and inter-generational community activities.
  • Woodland sites will be more physically accessible, with improved path networks.
  • A range of volunteering opportunities will enable local people to learn new skills and participate in activities which will enhance their local environment.
  • The project will engage with a wide range of partners across different sectors, delivering benefits such as employment skills and improved health.

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