Daltamie Classroom

Daltamie Classroom

Daltamie Classroom

Meetings have been held with Primary School Head Teachers and classroom teachers, who supported the initiative. The classroom was set up in partnership with Forestry Commission Scotland, Galloway Forest District (FCS).

FCS has provided the classroom facility, which is attached to the Kirroughtree Visitor Centre opposite the CVCWT office at Daltamie. CVCWT has provided the equipment, with funding from the Community Regeneration Fund, SNH and Lloyds TSB.

The classroom has a binocular microscope, visi-viewer with microscope attachments, moth trap, pond nets, butterfly nets, beating tray, magnifying lenses, biological keys of insects, flowers and trees, quadrats, models of insects, clip boards, display boards, marker boards photographic material, bowls, buckets, trays, chairs and tables.

A wide range of posters and photographs are on display to support biological diversity and biological processes.

Daltamie Classroom Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities

During June 2003 a pilot project at the classroom attracted over 800 school children and pre-school groups. The classroom project has been visited by the Science Development and Business & Education Officers for D&G and the FEI Officer, to aid the development of links with the business community, forestry interests and the Cree Valley project. It is increasingly being used during teacher training days.

Following the pilot project of visits from primary schools, a formal approach was made to the Primary Education Officer, D&G regarding the facility and the opportunities for the 5-14 environmental studies programme.

The Recreation Ranger FCS, GFD is now using the classroom as a resource base for the curriculum for excellence educational programme. FCS is developing its education programme further and has added “Conservation and the Environment” and educational opportunities for special needs students.  The classroom is also used by CVCWT as a focus for its community activities.