Knockman Wood entrance paths

If you have been to Knockman Wood recently, you will have noticed that the conifer branches on the track leading up to the Pheasant Liggat have been pruned back. The CVCWT volunteers have subsequently cleared the branches, and the extra light should enable the ground flora to come through in the spring. The branches were also enveloping the few hawthorn along the sides of the track which should now flourish. Work has also been carried out on the left hand access track leading from the car park, commonly known to us as the `motorway’ which formed the `made-up’ extraction road for the conifers which were taken out from the oakwood areas. Here the volunteers have planted birch and hawthorn along the right hand side of the track. These improvements should make the walk in to the oakwoods more inspiring, and will help to improve the biodiversity on the edges of the conifer crops.