Large group of 13 volunteers out yesterday.

Large group of 13 volunteers out yesterday.

A big thanks to everyone that came and did such valuable work for us at the tree nursery on the RSPB’s Wood of Cree reserve.

The carpenters managed to complete two large raised beds made from recycled FCS signs. The beds are being filled with recycled compost. These will be used to house oak seedlings which we collect to grow on and plant out in the woodlands.

They also finished strengthening the large central bench in one of the polytunnels which will house our collection of Downy Willow (Salix lapponum) cuttings next March.

Another team weeded through the polytunnels and dug out 300 oaks which will be planted this winter.

After this the plant team collected holly berries for the National Tree Seed Project, being careful to leave enough for the evident mistle thrushes and visiting fieldfare and redwing.