Local Provenance Tree Nursery

Polytunnel and nursery area.

The Local Provenance Tree Nursery project came about as a result of identifying a shortage of local provenance tree species required for planting in CVCWT management areas.

The nursery site was donated by the RSPB and funding was received from Dumfries and Galloway LEADER, The Robertson Trust and the Hugh Fraser Foundation.  The initial 2-year project began on 1st January 2010.

CVCWT volunteers were largely responsible for the erection of the first 36×18 feet polytunnel, which has been fitted out with staging and an automatic watering system and has the capacity to grow up to 20,000 seedling trees. A second 36×18 feet polytunnel was erected in 2013 during the Heritage Lottery Funded Cree Valley Woodland Heritage project and a number of raised beds now fill the site.

CVCWT volunteers have collected large amounts of tree seed and seedlings from Cree Valley woods, some of which are stored and/or pre-treated for sowing later on.

An important part of the nursery project has been to involve local community groups and schools in collecting, sowing, aftercare and planting out of seed/seedlings.

Hazel and oak seed have been sown by members of the Activity and Resource Centre in Newton Stewart, Penninghame P1 and P2 children and by Minnigaff Scouts.

A compost heap was made using the turf dug out for the polytunnel area and all organic waste from the nursery is added to this to form a future supply of compost.


An educational programme, the `Seed to Tree Project’ was set up and this was piloted with Penninghame Primary School in Newton Stewart during 2010 and 2011.

The children were actively involved in collecting acorns and planting them at the nursery.

Follow up visits to the classroom involve interactive sessions with the children, learning about the importance of woodlands to wildlife and the community.http://www.creevalley.com/local-provenance-tree-nursery/