Mammal Reports

Mammal Reports

Andy Riches, the county Mammal recorder has just published his report for 2014 which gives distributions of our mammal species throughout D&G.

As Andy says, ‘All records of mammals, no matter how common you think they are, are very welcome and very important. If you don’t tell us the chances are that no one will.

You can submit records by e-mail to Andy at
The information required is:

  1. What you saw [species and whether it was dead or alive].
  2. Where you saw it [A general description, name of farm, road etc is fine].
  3. When you saw it [ideally day, month and year but month and year will do].
  4. Your name [you will be included in the list of contributors at the start of the report unless you prefer not
    to be].

Some very common mammals such as rabbit and roe deer are not well recorded which is apparent in the report which is available from Andy.

A County Mammal Handbook with details of all the mammal species recorded in the region, some general information about them and some ID tips is also available.

Please let him know if you would like a copy.

Photo courtesy of Gavin Chambers.