Merrick Demonstration Site

CVCWT volunteers and the FCS task force  have recently had a couple of particularly energetic days of work, planting downy willows (Salix lapponum) on the Merrick hill demonstration site. Almost 400 more have been planted on the site all of which have been grown from cuttings from clone banks held by FCS and CVCWT. Before planting out, further cuttings were taken from these 1 year old plants as well as from the original parent plants. CVCWT volunteers took 785 cuttings from their 42 original plants and 116, 1 year old plants. This is a very efficient method of multiplying stock. If the cuttings are taken just before any of the leaves `flush’, a 100% success rate can be achieved with the cuttings. The plants already on the Merrick site have almost all survived their first 2 years and are now starting to produce catkins. Some of the plants have again been fitted with small-hole wire netting tree guards built by CVCWT volunteers to protect them from browsing by hares or deer and also protect them from voles.