Newton Stewart Museum

Newton Stewart Museum

Two timber planters have been added as a feature outside the Newton Stewart Museum. These have been constructed by Cree Valley Community Woodlands Trust (CVCWT) volunteers and planted by members of the Newton Stewart Activity and Resource Centre (ARC).

The planters contain bere barley, oats and kale. They are an example of crops grown in medieval/post medieval times at small farmsteads like `Clauchrie’ in Knockman Wood. The average return on oats which were more like wild oats was described as:

`ane to graw, ane to gnaw, ane to pay the laird withaw’

Archaeological work on this nearby site has been carried out by Cree Valley Community Woodlands Trust as part of their Heritage Lottery Funded `Cree Valley Woodland Heritage project’. This project aims to help people discover more about the natural and cultural heritage of the Cree Valley.

The Newton Stewart Museum is an active partner in this project. Inside the museum you will see examples of tools used on the farmsteads plus much, much more!