Red Squirrel Week 26th Sept – 2th Oct 2016

Red Squirrel Week 26th Sept – 2th Oct 2016

Once common, red squirrels have declined rapidly since the 1950’s. Numbers in the UK have fallen from around 3.5 million, to a current estimated population of around 120,000, of which 75% or more are in Scotland.

Red squirrels continue to be in serious decline due to disease, the loss and fragmentation of woodland habitat and competition from the more robust grey squirrel. There are only a handful of refuges left for red squirrels in the UK.

Strongholds are Scotland, the Lake District and Northumberland with some isolated, remnant populations further south in both England and Wales including Anglesey, Formby in Lancashire, Brownsea Island in Dorset and the Isle of Wight.

Picture by Gavin Chambers.