Seed to Tree Project

Making posters

As planned, a follow-up visit to Penninghame Primary School was arranged, and Linda, Lily (CVCWT volunteer) and I went along for an interactive session to teach the children about the importance of oak trees for a wide variety of wildlife.

After a brief talk, we became oak trees and the children pretended to be the, woodpeckers, buzzards, mice and butterflies. The buzzards glided around the trees, the woodpeckers pecked at the trunks, the butterflies (purple hairstreaks) fluttered in the canopy, and the mice stored acorns in holes at the base of the tree!

Following this, the children split into groups and produced posters showing an oak tree and many creatures living in and around it, including some of those that were seen in their visit to the woods.

5 fantastic posters were completed using coloured drawings, cut out birds and animals, and real oak leaves, acorns and lichens which were stuck on to the posters.