Seed to Tree Project

Penninghame Primary children collecting acorns

As part of the Leader funded CVCWT Local Provenance Tree Nursery, we are keen to involve community groups and schools in our project.

Twenty three children from Penninghame Primary School joined us in Caldons Wood on Thursday to collect acorns, with a follow on visit to the nursery to plant some of these.

The children were very enthusiastic and apart from collecting acorns, many woodland creatures were discovered, including young frogs and toads, spiders, millipedes, slugs, hibernating ladybirds, harvestmen, woodlice and more!

At the nursery the children learned how to plant the acorns in root trainers (modules in trays).

A further visit to the school is planned by Linda and I (Pete) to talk to the children about oak trees and the multitude of species they support.