Tough Spadework at Daltamie

Tough Spadework at Daltamie

Good day yesterday with the CVCWT volunteers.

With a lot of tough spadework we managed to dig out a good number of trees from the old nursery near our office at Daltamie.

These trees had grown rather tall and thin as they were tightly packed together but it was possible to obtain specimens of oak, rowan, birch, and willow.

More trees were also dug out from the raised beds at our tree nursery on the RSPB Wood of Cree reserve.

These trees were then planted at Blairmount Park, to fill gaps in the strip of woodland adjacent to the golf practice area which were created by machinery when the pond was dredged.

As the trees were spindly, they have been staked for support and given light and time they will grow into stronger trees.

Some tying of the trees is still to complete.