Town Woods Update

The woodland thinning and new paths are now completed in Duncree Wood. The path looks a little ‘hard’ at the moment, but the edges will soon soften as the vegetation grows back in the spring. Some of the thinned areas will provide opportunities to plant other species of trees such as hazel.

Some of the paths around Blairmount have been restored and upgraded but there is still work to do by the pond later, so this stretch is not yet completed.

There is still further thinning work to be carried out in Doonhill after which all of the paths will be upgraded. The contractor has temporarily left the site, but it is hoped to attempt to get all of this work completed before the end of the winter.  In the meantime, the contractor has left the site as tidy as possible.

Thank you for your patience whilst this work is being carried out and I hope that you will agree, looking at the work so far, that it will be all worthwhile in the end.