Volunteers Checking Nest Boxes

Volunteers Checking Nest Boxes

[Updated] If you see small groups or pairs of people in the woods looking into nestboxes, don’t worry.

They are volunteers checking the boxes to see which birds are using them.

Minimum disturbance is necessary so if you see nestboxes whilst walking in the woods, please don’t disturb them.


19th May 

Incredibly successful day on Sunday checking newly installed nestboxes (early this year) at chain wood.

Very high uptake of boxes with only a handful out of 34 not occupied.

Mainly blue and great tit but also nuthatch and pied flycatcher. The tits had a unnerving habit of exploding from the box but some stayed put and the checking was kept brief to allow the birds to return quickly.

Roe deer were also seen and a variety of healthy ground flora. Now that the conifer has been removed, this wood could be very special.

20th May

Out in Knockman Wood today, 3 of us putting in posts for a numbered trail which will have an associated leaflet to guide you through some of the heritage features within the wood.

The rest of the volunteers were checking the nestboxes. Looks like good numbers of pied flycatchers this year.

Several redstart heard singing as well as quite a few wood warblers. It seems like we have had a late start but it might be a decent breeding year.

Keep your fingers crossed.