Who We Are

Cree Valley Community Woodlands Trust (CVCWT) evolved from Forest Environment Panel discussions in 1998. The management of a mosaic of habitats involving woodlands from “source to sea” was set on course by community meetings, a feasibility study and the appointment of a Project Manager and an Administrator.

CVCWT is a registered charity (No. SC028549) and also registered with Companies House (SC192062).

The Cree Valley in the south-west of Scotland contains remnants of the former extensive ancient broadleaf woodlands. Once important in local industries, the woodland remnants are today recognised for their value in contributing to tourism, recreation and biodiversity.


Cree Valley Community Council Representative
The Community Council represents the whole area and has been supportive in the development of our organisation and activities.

Dumfries and Galloway Council
D&G Council
Tel: 01387 261000
A representative from Environment & Infrastructure has been on the Steering Group since its inception. The Council has a remit to implement the BAP and has produced an LBAP and formed steering groups for different habitats. CVCWT is a member of the D&G Rural Partnership.

Forestry Commission Scotland

South Scotland Conservancy
Tel: 01387 272440

A Steering Group member.   Provides Forest Partnership Programme support and SRDP funding support on private land of the project.

Forestry Commission Scotland
FC Scotland, Galloway Forest District
Tel: 01671 402420
FC Scotland, Galloway Forest District has a representative on the Executive Committee and is also a member of the Steering Group. FC Scotland, Galloway Forest District has entered into an agreement with CVCWT that 1,335ha of land should be managed by CVCWT until 2025. FC Scotland, Galloway Forest District provides staff and professional advice on recreation, conservation and forest design to enable the organisation to develop.

Andrew Bielinski Tel: 01988 402130
The RSPB has included 266ha of the Wood of Cree SSSI under our management until 2024. A member of the Steering Group.

Freshfield Foundation
The Freshfield Foundation

This charitable foundation assisted from 1999 until 2014 for core funding and project development costs.

Scottish Natural Heritage
Scottish Natural Heritage

Tel: 01671 401075
A Steering Group member, a source of advice and data.

Scottish Environment Protection Agency
Scottish Environment Protection Agency

John Gorman Tel: 01671 402618
A Steering Group member, who is also a source of advice given the riparian nature of the project.

Galloway Fisheries Trust
Galloway Fisheries Trust
Rowan McCleary Tel: 01671 403011
This organisation can provide the capacity for collaborative sub-projects within the Cree Valley area.

Forestry Advisor
Richard Kay Tel: 01671 401222

Galloway Estates has entered into a long-term management agreement (until 2025) with CVCWT for Garlies Wood and Doonhill Wood.  Richard Kay is the forestry advisor for Galloway Estates.